Makeup Studio & Academy


Makeup Studio & Academy.

Dhanshree Shetty Makeovers Makeup Studio & Academy is the best destination for all your beauty needs. Whether you are looking for a Stunning Bridal Makeover, a Self Makeup class to enhance your skills, or a Professional Makeup course to start your career, Dhanshree Shetty Makeovers has it all. You can learn from the expert Dhanshree Shetty, who has years of experience in the industry and a passion for teaching. She will guide you through the latest trends, techniques, and products to help you achieve your desired look. You can also book Dhanshree Shetty Makeovers for your Destination Wedding, party, or special event, and enjoy a hassle-free and glamorous experience. Dhanshree Shetty Makeovers is more than just a makeup studio, it is a community of beauty enthusiasts who share their love for fashion and style. Join Dhanshree Shetty Makeovers today and unleash your sense of style. 
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  • 700 sqft clean lines studio space with electronic 4 roll paper mount
  • 150 sqft wardrobe closet and dressing room
  • 150 sqft office space equipped with desk, 50″ TV and printer
  • All white walls – pristine condition & clean


Are you looking for a makeup chair or classroom rental space for applications, trials, personal lessons or content creation? If so, our stations and classrooms are designed to meet the needs of both makeup artist and hair stylist. Our spaces offers natural light and daylight-balanced lighting for day or evening rentals.

Makeup Chair Rental: $50 an hour

Classroom Rental: $200 an hour

Call (332) 334-8848 for Chair & Classroom Rental
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